(photographer: Denise Knapp)

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Bacidia bagliettoana
Bacidia jacobi
Bacidia laurocerasi
Bacidia naegelii
Cliostomum griffithii
Lecania brunonis
Lecania cyrtella
Lecania dudleyi
Lecania fructigena
Lecania fuscella
Lecania subdispersa
Niebla ceruchis
Niebla laevigata
Niebla polymorpha
Ramalina denticulata
Ramalina farinacea
Ramalina fastigiata
Ramalina lacera
Ramalina leptocarpha
Ramalina menziesii
Ramalina pollinaria
Ramalina roesleri
Ramalina subleptocarpha
Ramalina usnea
Ramalina willeyi
Waynea californica