(photographer: Denise Knapp)

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Allophyllum gilioides
Allophyllum gilioides subsp. gilioides
Allophyllum glutinosum
Collomia gilioides
Eriastrum filifolium
Gilia pygmaea
Gilia veatchii
Leptosiphon androsaceus
Leptosiphon bicolor
Leptosiphon parviflorus
Leptosiphon pygmaeus
Leptosiphon pygmaeus subsp. pygmaeus
Linanthus bicolor
Linanthus dianthiflorus
Linanthus dianthiflorus subsp. dianthiflorus
Linanthus orcuttii
Linanthus pygmaeus subsp. pygmaeus
Linanthus veatchii
Microsteris gracilis
Navarretia atractyloides
Navarretia hamata
Navarretia hamata subsp. hamata
Navarretia hamata subsp. leptantha
Phlox drummondii
Phlox gracilis